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Friday, August 27, 2010

Another day which is today.

What happened today ah?? Need to refresh this memory of mine. Oh yeah, I went to class, texted boyfie on my way to uni and I thought that today's class starts at 8am but I was wrong! It's suppose to be at 10am and the reason for that is I copied the wrong time for the class. Such a SHIT HEAD and fml!! Thank God that Zaza was with me, she told me that it was at 10 but I told her that I wrote down the schedule on my notebook and it's at 8 in the morning, that's why she got panicked and went to class early too. Poor zaza!! Sorry again my dear!! We decided to send our proposal for our Kudat Trip but got rejected and we need to redo it, again! Uni's Students' Council is a pain in the ass!

Zaza and I decided to go at a nearby coffee shop to have a drink, we sat there for quite a long time and discussed about what event that we're going to organize for a subject that we're going to take next semester which is Event Management. Only thought about 1 event and hopefully more brilliant ideas will come up and reveal themselves to me!! So to my dear brilliant ideas, come back to mommy please?? :P Sat there for almost an hour and with only milo on our table and suddenly the urge to eat came. So we ordered noodles to pass the time and a few minutes before 10, we pay the food and managed to get to class just in time.

New lecturer will be teaching the class, Ms Fiona is her name. I know that I can actually get to focus on what she'll be teaching cos I can sense the good vibe from her. Didn't do much for the 1st class and the class was asked to read the notes from chapter 1 to 5. I haven't even downloaded the notes yet, LOL but will definitely download it later. Ms. Fiona wanted to just chat with us and that's basically what we did. She asked us to introduce ourselves by saying our names and where we live. We chatted until it reached to a point where Miss asked who can speak mandarin, so Chu Chin Teng and I raised our hands. Miss was like, I would say impress cos I know how to speak mandarin. Out of the blue, someone told miss that I know how to play guitar and miss even asked me if I know how to cook. I answered okay2 la and she said that she wanted to promote me to her single friends. LOL!! Silly stuff. When she said that, I could only think about my hunny.

Class ended an hour earlier. Boring again! Waited till 2 o'clock to attend club meeting. The meeting was okay but the attendance is poor! Discuss some stuff and I explained a few things in front regarding the Kudat trip,
bla bla bla... 

Mom fetched me and stop by at the bazaar to buy some food! Bought ABC and it's yummy!!

Until next post, tata!

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