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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Twincity Marathon 2016

Hello! It's been the longest time since my last post and if I'm not mistaken, my last post was for the Blog Every Day in November challenge last year, which I did not even complete it. Bad Jessica! But you know, that's life and let's move on to a new year, 2016! I promised myself last year that I would finish the year strong and I believe I did as I have achieved my long dreaded resolution, which is to weigh at least 70kg. I have started running again with my running buddy and from that, I decided that my 2016 is going to be a fun-filled, adventurous and 'challenge yourself' year. Thus, I signed up to run my first Full Marathon to kick start my 2016. This post is somewhat like a throwback post of the marathon whereby it was held exactly a month ago, on the 24th January 2016.

Since I became truly close with my girlfriend/running buddy Fay, she constantly told me that she will be participating the Twincity Marathon 2016 and run for full marathon. Fell in love with running, I started to dream of running a full marathon as I thought if my girlfriend can do it, I can definitely do it too. So I kind of trained with her to prepare herself for the marathon, whenever she runs, I run with her. Then one day, opportunity to run full marathon came to me. A fellow runner from the same running group as I am all of the sudden announce in the whatsapp group that she is letting go of her full marathon bib and straight away Fay who is also in the same group texted me to grab the chance. She was full on trying to convince me and being typical Jessica, I doubted myself a little bit as the longest run that I did was only 18KM. Fay never stopped to give me support that she will be there with me every step of the way and she even believed in me that we will finish together. So pumped up from Fay's supportive encouragement, I contacted the fellow running mate who let go of her bib and voila, I was going to run full marathon 42KM on behalf of her. That happened approximately a month before the actual marathon date.

My training preparation for the run, I would rather say it as slow and easy because Fay and I trained to build up our endurance to run long. Week 4 & 3 before the event day, Fay and I tried to run as long as we could to the point where I had to rest for almost a week at week 2 to rest my left knee. My left knee was hurting and that probably caused by over running or over-trained. After the rest, the week of the actual event, Fay and I did more short runs as we want to avoid from hurting our legs even more and we took the chance to look for things that we need for marathon such as power gel, salt stick, visor cap, anti blister socks etc. A few days prior to the marathon date, we were dead nervous, so nervous that we actually told each other how stupid we were for putting ourselves into this situation. We kept telling each other the same thing even until the eve of the event. Personally, even the thought of me, going to run 42KM gave me the chills. Even though I know the run is going to be worth it and I know I will finish it, but the feeling of anticipation and not knowing what will happen during the run haunted me even in my sleep to the point that I have multiple nightmares of getting injured, not finishing the run. But being positive and with tons of prayers, Fay and I still went on with the plan. LOL!

22 Jan 2016
FLY DAY - Friday!! I was excited to board on a plane, I mean who doesn't get excited to get on a plane right? And the excitement was even more surreal when I got to travel with my bff! We waited for our flight with some of our running mates but our flight got slightly delayed, which we didn't mind at all. When we boarded the plane, get ourselves comfortable in our seats, we wanted to get some sleep as we know that we won't going to get a good night sleep that night because we have planned earlier to sleep at the airport to save up on accommodation. But no, the passengers behind us were talking so loudly that I could only sleep for 1 hour or so. I checked on Fay and she was sleeping okay, then I read the book that I brought with me. Thankfully it was a smooth flight, no turbulence whatsoever and I had a good reading. After we landed, we regroup with our running mate that traveled the same night and slept with them on the cold hard floor in the departure area.

With the boys

With the girls

Just boarded!

Our 5 star hotel lol!

23 Jan 2016
Woke up with a stiff body. Washed up and change before breakfast. The breakfast at the airport was mehhhhh, it tasted okay but at that time I was really craving for food that I'm used to like Chinese. The choices were limited and again, on a tight budget so Fay and I went to get some fried rice with chicken that was quite cheap and most importantly, our MORNING COFFEE!! After breakfast, we went to buy our KLIA Express tickets to head to Cybercity to regroup with the rest of the team who are already there. Bought the tickets and off we go! Arrived at Cybercity, we then send our bags to one of our teammate's room and head to D'Pulze Mall to watch Dilwale as some of them haven't watch it, Fay and I did but since we enjoyed it so much we didn't mind watching with them again! The cinema hall was filled with our noise most of the time! Dilwale was still awesome! We then head to the ground floor to collect our race pack and we get to check if the chip on our bibs can be scanned with the chip scanner. After that, we then head to this ayam penyet place for carboloading. I didn't finish mine probably because my guts were in knots for being so nervous for the next day. We then head back to the hotel to check-in and finally laying our bodies on a real bed! I think we slept until 8pm and then head down to have dinner. After that, went back to the room and prepared things for the run.

Ready to go!

 Adventure is out there!!

Wefie in the KLIA Express

Dilwale time!!

Ayam Penyet here was good!!

Rojak Runners racepack collection and wefie with otai!

Running prep

24 Jan 2016 
RUN DAY!!!! We woke up super early and I actually didn't sleep very well as I was so nervous! Took shower and get ready. We didn't request for late check out so we left our room and put our stuff in Mags and Navin's room and we head down together. All of us, the Rojak Runners went to the starting line together. During the flag off and everybody started to run, my mind went blank. For me it was a dreamlike feeling because I couldn't really remember the earlier part of the run. Fay told me that I kept looking down during the first 21km half marathon. Thankfully Fay was with me all the time to call up to me so that I don't look down all the time. Recalling during the 1st half of the marathon, I could only remember that I went to pee and I drink a lot of electrolytes that was provided at the water station. According to Fay, she has renewed her personal best for her 21km, which in 3 hours and 30mins or so. After the 21km, I started to relax a little and as the sun came up, I started to look up more often to look at the sky and birds. There were times I was behind Fay but it didn't bother me at all. By this time I knew there was something wrong with both of my feet. My runs getting slower and shorter to the point it was even painful to walk. Blister!! I could feel the blister punctured every step I made, it was painfully excruciating that I could even feel the small stone that I stepped on. The last 10km, it was sooo scorching hot I thought I was about to faint. Everything seemed so bright and I looked at the time, it almost noon. Thank goodness for the motor marshals for keeping up on us the whole 10km and he also helped us to bring extra water just in case we needed it. He chatted with us and he was nice to comprehend with our annoying questions "Are we close now?" "How far is it?", "What KM is it now?", "Why is it still far?" yada yada. Bless his soul for keeping up on us and did not get tired with our endless rants and complaints. At this point, Fay and I were just walking. We could not run anymore. We kept ourselves going until we saw a lot of motorcycle marshals waiting for us while reporting through walkie-talkie that we have arrived. The marshals started to wind up their sirens and escorted us. And then we saw our team mates 500m before the finishing line. They actually went to get and run together with us at the finishing line. It was so sweet and thoughtful of them to still wait for us. I then asked Fay to hold my hand and we together crossed the finish line. When we crossed it, I straight away broke into tears and hugged Fay. It was definitely the most emotional moment that I have ever felt. The feeling that I made it, I finished, I didn't die all struck in me. Although we were the last to arrive, we were given powerbank from the organizer. We then head back to the hotel to change and get ready to go to the airport as our flight was also on the same day. We boarded the plane and I dozed off as soon as I sat on my seat, I didn't even get to see the safety demonstration. 

Escorted by the marshals!

Happy tears!

Group photo at the airport with our finisher tee!!

What I learned from this whole full marathon experience is that, I am capable to do way beyond that I expected from myself. I did not give and during the run, never once I doubted myself that I could not finish it, unlike days before the run. I went blank mode and kept running, walking, doing every thing that I needed to do in order to survive the 42km. I have found a new strength in me that I thought I could never have and this experience has taught me that to always believe in myself. I just need to do what I wanted to do and don't second guess. From it, I have a newfound respect for myself and I love myself even more. So thank you Fay bebeh for your constant support, for always being there for me every step of the way. To my running family, you guys are awesome and I love the spirit, the passion and the love that you guys have for running. Not forgetting my family for always believe in me, my numero uno supporters!!!

Here's to more marathons in the future and what a kickstart for 2016!!! Till next post.

Au revoir,

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Blog Every Day in November 2015 #BEDN Day 4: Photography

I love photography and I take pictures like everyday. I used to take a lot of pictures using my DSLR but not anymore and that is sad. I think I need to get back with my DSLR to rekindle the long lost relationship I have with it. Now, all of my pictures were taken using by my iPhone 5S and I personally think that iPhone's camera is so dope. That's one of the reason why I use iPhone and if I'm gonna get myself a new iPhone in the future, I would probably get the one with more memory space cos 16GB is very annoying and I kept getting warning that I'm about to ran out of space!

Here are some photos that I took using both of my DSLR and iPhone, I'm not a pro or a photographer so please do enjoy some of the photos that were taken by yours truly here! 

This was taken using my DSLR like a few years ago! I look so huge in that picture!! #nofilter #nophotoshop #raw

This was also taken using my DSLR like about a month ago. I must say I love the color of the sky in this picture, it's when the sun about to set. #nofilter #nophotoshop #raw

This was taken using my iPhone. I took this picture when Fay, Michelle and I were hanging out at Jesselton Point after our island trip. The sun was setting, so romantic! #nofilter

This was taken during our island trip in October using my iPhone. I just love the color of the water here, it's so turquoise blue! Just like the color of the sea in Hawaii. I'm going to make a different post for our island trip in the future! Michelle and Fay have already posted blog post about it where you can read them at Fay's & Michelle's. #nofilter

I used to be a huge photography enthusiast but it has lessen down over the years. It was quite sad that I don't use my DSLR quite often and I just put it away. I guess I should take up some time to use it again. 

Au revoir,

Friday, November 6, 2015

Blog Every Day in November 2015 #BEDN Day 3: Food Glorious Food

I'm quite behind in posting for this #BEDN challenge cos some personal things had bugged me so much that I was so pissed and I didn't even have the feeling to blog for the past few days. I hope I can keep up with the challenge and posting updates on time after this. *fingers crossed* So here goes...

To some, food is probably just a part of necessities in life whereby you consume to live and that's it. For me, that's not the case. I have a passion for food so much that if you see my body, you will understand how passionate I am! :D I am such a foodie and I'm willing to try anything new but I would say that I am not too keen to the weird and exotic food. I don't even dare to eat them cos I know that I will puke it out immediately. 

 I was quite ecstatic knowing that for Day 3 #BEDN challenge is to blog about food, oh so glorious food! I immediately began composing my blog post inside my head like should I blog about my faves or should I share about my recent foodie adventure like trying out new food that I recently did with my friends or why not all? Even doing that has made me salivating. 

The past few months, I've been trying to live healthier and I've been making healthy choices in terms of what goes into my belly. I learned that healthier meals are delicious and I won't feel guilty if I ate more of it cos I know they are healthy. So these are some of my favourite go-to healthy meals that I absolutely love, which are salads with lots of veggies with sesame dressing! I hate to have mayonnaise or any mayo-based dressings cos they are super unhealthy and contains a lot of fat! 

Bought this packed salad at Pick n Pay Lintas before heading home from university, I thought I won't feel full but in fact, it's the total opposite. It was very fulfilling even though the portion was quite small.

I used to hate oat but I am fond if it now! I try to eat it every day for breakfast because it made me full the whole day and also for its health benefits. Do you know consuming oat daily can save you from heart and high cholesterol problems? Think about it...


Quite recently, I started to have sweet tooth and there will be times that I crave for sweet desserts. I never liked sweet stuff before but I guess my taste palette is evolving and I enjoyed devouring sweet eats once in awhile but not those overly sweet too death that you just can't stop drinking water after every bite cos that could lead to hyperactivity. 

I must say I love this Green Tea Bingsu at Nunpat! It's not overly sweet and I love the green tea powder and the red bean balls! And I don't really feel guilty about indulging myself with this dessert cos it's GREEN TEA!! The portion is super big so you will need some assistants to finish this 1 big bowl of bingsu!

Coffee and cakes, great combination! 


When it comes to food, I can't never leave my Asian/Chinese delicacy. Being Asian, I love Asian dish so much; not because I have it every single day, but because it means comfort for me.

My love for Dim Sum is no joke! Before I depart for my healthy eating journey, I can finish 10 servings of Dim Sum easily! But now, 2 serving is enough for me. AHHHH I'm craving for some now!!! The 1st picture was taken at my usual Dim Sum place at Evergreen Restaurant in Donggongon, it is probably the cheapest place for Dim Sum. I mean there are no other places that sell 5 serving for RM11.00. The 2nd picture was taken at this popular Dim Sum place near CKS Millennium, couldn't recall the name of the restaurant and the Dim Sum sold there are a bit pricey. Per serving cos about RM3.00++. 

I must say I miss Sarawak's Mee Kolok and the Laksa Sarawak! Food there are super cheap! These 2 bowls of noodles only cost me RM6.00! No way in hell you could get food this cheap in Sabah!

Looking at these pictures sure is making me hungry!!! 

Au revoir,

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Blog Every Day in November 2015 #BEDN Day 2: Love Mondays

Mondays and I don't really have a good relationship cos it means that the weekend has ended and I need to face reality. It's not that I hate Mondays nor reality, don't get me wrong but as a normal human being, weekends to me are my haven. I get to do more relaxing and life isn't as hectic as during the weekdays, I'm sure everybody agrees to this.

Knowing that I don't personally love Mondays and after having sooo many cups of coffee, I would say today is probably my most productive Monday and I am proud of myself. I did so many errands that I don't even have time to have a proper lunch. Actually I was at the university the whole day to catch up with my research supervisor on things that I need to do prior to my convocation and I lost track of time to even get myself a good lunch. After meeting up with my supervisor, I then went to pay up my convocation fee. That too take a long time as there were so many students waiting in line to pay for theirs as well and that is the only time that I wasted doing nothing, well not exactly nothing cos I was texting too that time. But beside texting, I get to do some pondering and I get to recall on so many things, good and bad that I have to go through to get to where I am today,  finally completing my thesis and actually waiting in line to pay for my convocation fees. 

I'm not going to deny that without the grace from the Heavenly Father that He has blessed me, the abundance of supports that I have received from my family and close friends and also not forgetting the support that my ex has given me during the earlier part of my master degree journey and also the heartbreak and major bullshits that he has put me through upon completing my thesis and my research defense, I don't think I will be able to make it through to today. 

All in all, although I don't particularly love Mondays, it doesn't mean that I hate it to the point that I don't want Mondays to exist cos it's good to have those things that helps you to wake up from your constant procrastination and face the reality of the world.

au revoir,

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Blog Every Day in November 2015 #BEDN Day 1: Something New About Yourself

It has been such a long time since my last post! So many things has happened during those times, you can't even imagine and one of those events that happened is actually a very unfortunate one. I would say that this particular event has demotivated me to live a normal life as a human being and this unfortunate event has changed my relationship status from being in a relationship to newly single and strong (as my bffs Michelle and Fay suggested my new status). I have shared this story on my Dayre briefly and I'm planning to share the full story here on my personal blog but I'll be doing it slowly, probably in 1 whole post or more, we'll see.

I'm still struggling to find exact words to portray on how I truly feel about this life changing experience and truthfully going through day by day knowing that your 5 years of relationship ended because the ex has fallen in love with another girl is really hard for me to accept even we have broken up for over 2 months or so. Like I said, this whole thing has been a life changing experience because I have been in a relationship with a guy that I used to love for 5 years and we have a 'routine' that we do every single, now I have to ditch that 'routine' and creating a new routine ain't fun at all. People said that adopting to new changes is hard and I can really relate to this saying cos I find it so hard to gather myself up, pick up pieces of my broken heart and adopt to a new life that I'm in right now, which is singlehood. 

Putting negativity aside, Im embracing this new life and although I am pretty sure that I'm gonna relapse and will have my sad moments, I know I'll make it through this whirlwind that I'm in. I hope that this BEDN challenge will allow me to distract myself from dwelling too much into the past and just have fun blogging.

Now blogwalking time! 

au revoir,