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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I wish to..

  • learn French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese!
  • have a new cellphone! Prefer Black Berry or iPhone :D
  • get myself a MacBook Pro!
  • live in New York and get american citizenship!
  • have all the gears and lenses that I need for my DSLR!
  • do a backpacker style of travelling with my BFFs or boyfie :D
  • attend Oktoberfest in Germany! LOTS OF BEERS BABY!!
  • go to Paris!!
  • be a SINGER!
  • master the guitar!
  • get 100% Hard in Guitar Hero and Rock Band!
  • sleep the whole day!
  • have lots of tattoos on my body!! LIKE SERIOUSLY!! 
  • be with my hun :P
  • take pictures with him!
  • star gazing with him!
  • ride the ferris wheel with him XD
  • be with him!

  • see shooting star tonight or stay up till 11:11 so that I can wish all my wishes come true!