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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stupid, jackass,asshole,bodoh,babal,palui, taik tasu!!

Some guys are just ASSHOLES!! To them, women/girls/females are just some pieces of meat! They don't really care about how us females feel. Last night was a DISASTER!! I thought that you are my friend, jackass!! But you are certainly just a piece of shit that I happen to know! You are definitely on my 'Hate List' now my 'friend'!!  How would I be sooo blinded by your charms long time ago, I don't even know! All the rumors that I heard about you when we were close, I deny all of it cos I know you're not that kind of a person! I even stood up for you!! But after last night, you totally change how I feel about you and I say thank God for giving me the sign that I shouldn't accept you in the beginning! I don't care if you told me that you're sorry for what you've suggested to me last night cos you can't take back what you've said! 'I was just kidding la about last night...' you told me that but hell I will believe you! All those things that you told me last night was sooo DIRTY, I almost cried! Thank God again that He sent me the gut to curse you and I won't stop cursing until I die!! 

You want to fuck me, go fuck yourself!! I don't need you in my life!! You want to have a threesome with me, go have threesome with the devil!!! I'm not into your DIRTY and DISGUSTING life!!

P/S: You stay out from my life!!

To my hun, thank you soo much for understanding. I know I've hurt you but always remember that I love you very much and I won't repeat the same mistake again. 

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