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Sunday, April 17, 2011

30 days blog challenge: day 3

Another day, another challenge :)

Day 3  Your idea of the perfect first date.

My idea of a perfect first date would be just having fun and I would prefer unplanned date cos it would allow my date and I to feel relax and get comfortable with each other. A picnic date would be sweet, at any secluded place so that both us can be alone with no disturbance. Hillside of a beach would be perfect, where there's a ground that fills with not so long yellowy grass with the beach as the landscape. My date and I will lay down on a blanket, feeding each other with fruits or croissant, looking at the beach and play 'I spy..' and probably kiss or make out. haha! At night, we would look at the stars. After that, he would send me home and before I get out from the car, we would kiss goodnight and hug. 


Riding around the country side of France anywhere on a Vespa and I would sit at the back, hugging and holding him tighly from behind so I won't fall off. Feel the wind brushes through our hair, with our skin. We would stop only for gas, to get something to eat at the local cafe, to take pictures of the roadsides' sceneries or just for kissing. haha! :)

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