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Friday, December 2, 2011

Hello December!

Honestly, I didn't realize it's already December if my brother didn't tear off the November calendar off right before dinner. Time flies very fast isn't it and the next thing we know,December is here.

December is my favorite month of the year mainly because I get to celebrate Jesus' birth once again and how much happiness He had brought into my family and I of course feel very content and grateful for everything that He had done for me. Apart from that, I get to shop for christmas presents and not forgetting new clothes cos I mean in female's point of view, Christmas Day wouldn't be perfect without new clothes or new anything. I've listed down tons of gift ideas for my mom and dad, siblings, cousins, le boyfriend and I've calculated the budget that I would spend on the gifts. Seems like I won't be getting a flashgun for my camera this year which I'm totally fine with it cos the vibe of taking pictures went for a holiday so I don't think I'll be taking pictures in any near time. I haven't think of anything that I want to buy for myself at the moment so I'll just wait to open presents that will be given to me.

Up until now, I have yet achieved all of my resolutions which is quite upsetting cos New Year is around the corner and it's impossible to achieve all of them before the year ends. So I can't wait to start a new year and for next year's resolutions, I have to think rationally and thoroughly. Years and years gone by and my number one resolution (always have been including this year) is to lose LOTSSSS weight but same thing happened when the year changes, which didn't happen and I ended up gaining after the season holiday ended. Kind of pathetic, really. So what I mean by thinking rationally and thoroughly, I need to have a more realistic resolution, perhaps by eating more healthy food. Have to think carefully on the rest of them.

So enough with the deep thoughts and lets kickstart the Christmasy spirit people!
Au revoir :)

Burn a CD mix of Christmas Songs in Bossa Nova style or download the mp3 and listen to it while you're on your way balik kampung. Your journey will be a soothing one, trust me!

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