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Thursday, July 29, 2010

They used to be my drug!

I used to have like a scary obsession on My Chemical Romance. My Chemical Romance probably the 1st band that I was very obsessed about till it has reached to the limit where I was sooo in love with one of the member Gerard Way, the front man, the vocalist and also the basist's older brother. I always dreamed about marrying him one day and would stab the picture of the girl that rumored to be his girlfriend. LOL!! Because of MCR, I changed my image from an innocent girl to a rocker/emo/angry/seldom smile type of girl! Not only my looks, it also changed me throughly. I started to see the world differently and wanted to conquer the world through rock music! I know them, their age, their full name, where they from and all the latest news about them. Even when they were born!! 
I can relate to their songs, it's like they're singing the songs to me. I love them for quite a long time until I started growing up and getting more mature in life so I began to like other bands but I still like them but the obsessing has of course gone. 

Just recently my younger sister told me that the drummer, Bob Bryar left the band for unknown reason and Frank Iero the guitarist is expecting twins with his wife Jamia. Great news for Frank whereas the band has lost a great drummer.

Gerard Way, I still love you sugaw!!


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