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Friday, July 30, 2010

love love love...

'I Love You'. These three words, they are sacred to me. I don't say it freely, they have to be earned. I will only say it when I mean it and when I'm starting to develop that emotion. Love can't be taken for granted for it has a pure meaning. Love is such a wonderful thing and brings the total happiness in one's life and yet it could also causes much destruction when it is taken away.

I sometimes wonder, can human live without love? Could they not feel and know love? If love can be so painful and it gives you hell, why even bother wanting it? As I grew up, love plays a huge part in my life. From the very  first beginning I knew love because I exist. I wouldn't be here without my parents' love and I know that I happened because they love each other. My other siblings and I are their proof of love. So, I'd say we will never live without love even though there are times that we want run away from it. 

I know that I can't escape from it and I will toughen myself up to accept whatever love that come into my way. 

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