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Monday, August 23, 2010

How I ended up broke!

Today, I attended my 1st class of the new semester! Felt excited the night before and I woke up earlier than the time that I've set on my alarm clock!! I'm talking about serious excited here, LOL!! I have to wake up early to avoid Putatan's traffic jam. I'm telling you that Putatan's traffic jam is EPIC worse and thank God I arrived at uni early. Waited for Zaza for about 10 minutes and while I was waiting, I noticed that there were lots of new students waiting outside of the uni and in my head I thought that ' Uni is going to be really pack with students!'. Zaza arrived and both of us went inside to go to class. Zaris was the earliest bird and he was wearing jacket, perfect for the room cos it was pretty chilly most of time while we were in there. Of cos, I wore my cardigan too!

The class was okay, only few of us came to class. Only 8 students to be exact and that includes me. Shocking? Not really cos my faculty has the least number of students and I kinda like it cos I don't really have to share the same tutorial room with a  bunch of crowds and it feels more intimate to be in a smaller group with only my friends and I. Lecturer only gave a brief about the subject and we're given our 1st group assignment and I'd say it's a 'not-so-hard' one cos I'm in a group that I know I can work well in and my group mates are awesome except for 1. But hopefully it will go on smoothly without any problems or confrontations. Class ended early as well, one hour earlier than it suppose to.

After class, Zaza and I went to CSD to submit the proposal for our Kudat trip. The proposal is okay but the selected date is clashing with the date of the uni's Sports Day, need to change to a new date. After that, we went outside. Zaris and Prab haven't left yet. Zaris complimented my 'The Beatles' shirt which make me feel COOL! hahaha XD thanks zaris! We decided to go to uni's library to find 3 case studies that we need and when we got there, we didn't actually know how to find it, which is quite embarrassing. Prab acted like he knows how to find them and started looking at the books and stuff but we left anyway.

Bought a new photography magazine, it cost me 12 bucks and 30 cents. That's the exact amount money that I have in my purse. POOF! The only money that I have just disappear in a glance! Bubye money and now I'm BROKE!!

That's about it. Until next post, tata!

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