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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yesterday's outing!

Yesterday was fun! I enjoyed the outing very much even though we didn't do a lot. Watched The Expendables and I must say, that movie is FUCKING AWESOME!! The character I like the most would be Christmas! His skill with knives and blades is just mind blowing! The shots, explosions and blood all over, DAMN it's a great movie! I only have uno problema with the movie which is the reason why Sylvester Stallone decided to go to help the island. It's because of a girl!! Yes people, a girl! A man went through shits just to save a girl's life! Quite weird for a macho movie, in my opinion. But overall, I like the movie! I'm going to rate 3 and a half star out of 5 for that movie!

Before we went to watch movie, I bought a book at Times Bookstore called 'What Alice Forgot'. It's about a woman name Alice who wakes up on the floor of the gym with a nasty bump on her head, thinking she's still a fun-loving twenty nine year old starting a life with her gorgeous husband and pregnant with their first baby. To her disbelief, it soon transpires the fall has knocked ten years from her memory and she is actually an uptight thirty nine year old!
Interesting, isn't it! I know right? hahaha. Just started reading last night and I managed to read 30 pages already. Good book with a good price! Bought it for just under RM30! Last time when I went to Donggongon, I saw a book store that sells second hand books. My favorite kind of store! Will check it out later when I go to Donggongon again.

I also 'buka puasa' with my friends despite that I'm not a muslim! We bought all the foods at a bazaar at Gaya Street and went to Signal Hill to eat there while enjoying the view! 

Until next post, tata!

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