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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Last friday.

Didn't do much today and I'm actually quite bored at this moment. Checked my facebook for a few minutes and as always, didn't do much either. What to blog, I wonder.


Thinking HARD......

I'm getting something.......

Wait!! Okay, it's gone.....

Think Jessica!!

Now the idea came. I should just blog about the reason why I came to Uni last friday even though I don't have any class on that day. I was asked by Chris to print some pictures of the club's activities that we did and since he's El Presidente of the club, I can't say no. I thought that my job was just to print out the pictures but boy, I was wrong. I didn't know that on the same day the uni is having a club membership drive for the new intake students and of cos all clubs will set up booths to promote and gain more members. Not only I have to print out pictures but also to help him to keep an eye on the booth. Thankfully, Zaza was there too and it's good to have my twin with me :P

The club membership drive was in room BT4 and that's one of my favorite tutorial rooms cos the air- condition is 'strong' and chilly, just the way I like it! Chris wasn't there the whole time cos he had to go to send his laptop to get it fix and he left Zaza, Jenet and I to handle the booth. I'd say it wasn't that boring cos the other students that were also handling their booth are FUNNY and a bit CRAZY!! Zaza and I constantly laughing at their jokes. The sissy guy from Dance club is really funny and quite cute, he likes to make joke and I can say that he's NOT shy cos he acted like he knows everyone in the room. And then there was one girl from PBBU if I'm not mistaken, her laugh is seriously different and I REALLY MEAN IT!! When she laugh, Zaza and I will look at each other and laugh too!!! HAHAHA!!

The drive was a success! We managed to get 65 new members and we're happy that we pulled it off but again, more responsibilities will come right after this. Some of our new members surely have weird name. There's one girl's surname is 'Delicious'!!!! Come on, don't tell me you don't think it's weird and funny! LOL!!
We also have the king of rock and roll, Elvis and Dewa!!! Right after that, Student Council wanted to have a meeting with both president and the vice of all the clubs and as VP, I have to attend even though I wanted to go home soo bad! One thing for sure, the meeting was BORING!

1st class of the new semester starts tomorrow, wish me luck and I can't wait to start studying!! AS IF!! XD

I think that's all for now. Since tomorrow is Monday, I'm going to say Happy Monday!

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