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Saturday, August 21, 2010

You are the only exception :-*

Knowing you at first was quite peculiar,
you talked too much and I was like 'Oh, dear..'
You were annoying and that's the truth,
But now I know you and all I want is YOU!

I wanted to be just friends but you wanted more,
Now I say 'I Love You' and you reply ' I Love You More'.
I was scared to love and to be loved,
But now I have you and I thank the Heaven above.

Though we fight and constantly argue,
I know our love will come to the rescue.
Though the South China Sea separates us,
Not a big deal and we don't make a fuss. 

Please love me for who I am,
This heart of steel of mine that you have tamed.
Compliments are nice and you know I don't like them honey,
I don't ask for much, just accept me entirely.

Being apart is only distance,
Yet we will always have our late night conversation.
We started as mutual friends like anybody else too,
I'm telling you now that our 'green light' leads me to you.

Just cherish this moment, it might not last long,
If we stick and love each other, our love will grow strong.
You said you want me, it makes my heart delight,
I know in time we will do whatever to make this right.

- Jessica Justine-