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Monday, August 2, 2010

Today, I sigh a lot.

Today has been such a boring, unproductive day *sigh*. Well, not really since I'm the one who did all the house chores but seriously, it's not a pleasure doing all of it cos I may say that I was forced and I don't like when someone force me to do stuff. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I do was to see myself at the mirror and I don't like what I see. It kinda get into me and it started to make me feel like shit. What a way to start a day! *sigh* So I went to brush my teeth and then got a nice shower. Put on clothes and I look again into the mirror, hoping that I would look better but it didn't. I look awful, like always and I was like 'Fuck today for making me feel down!' *SIGH!!*

I went straight to the kitchen to look for something to eat. Coffee was on the table, at least I have something to fill my tummy and that's fine with me cos I can live on coffee only. I looked at a pile of already washed clothes in a pail that needs to be dry, carried the pail outside so that I can hang them on the clothesline. I finished in just under 10 minutes cos this morning was hot and sunny and I don't want to get sunburn. I went inside as soon as I finished and cooked a pack of instant noodle for breakfast, not a healthy diet since I'm in the process of losing weight.

Wanted to watch TV in the living room but the floor was dusty and so is the furniture *sigh*. I went to take the broom and swept the floor, went to the toilet to get a pail of water, put some Ajax in, grabbed the mop. Mopping floor was actually a fun thing to do, I get to slide across the living room because the floor was wet and slippery. I switched on the radio, put on MCR's CD and there I was, rocking out and sliding across the room simultaneously! At least that was the only fun thing that I get to do and I didn't realize how much time I wasted on mopping. I quickly put away the mop and everything and went to the kitchen again to prepare lunch. I prepared rice and cooked some easy recipes, chicken soup with carrots and potatoes and some green veggies. 

I want to chat/text with someone to make me feel less down but everybody told me that they're not in the mood and that leave me with twitter *sigh*. I was tweeting away when some of my friends were tweeting too so at least I have them to tweet to. 

Such a down and lonely day today is. *sigh again*

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