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Saturday, January 8, 2011

2010 and hopes for 2011.

Damn, how long has it been since my last post?? Since forever, I know. Been not in the mood to post anything and my laziness caught up to me.

Another year had passed and now a new one just started, I think it would be cool for me to review how 2010 has treated me and I feel blessed that God has given me a wonderful year. So let's review shall we?

Lots of things occurred in 2010, bad and good. Starting with the bad, I've had really bad health. I fell sick many times in that year. Fever, flu, migraine, you name it. Weird thing was that without any reason, I fell ill all of the sudden. Beside constant illness, weight gain is another issue. I'm pretty sure that I've gained at least 4 kilos the whole year. 4 might sounds a little but not to me if it comes to my body shape. My 2010's resolution was to lose weight but I ended up gaining. Very cliché yes? T_T Of course I feel miserable after looking at my own pictures and I do feel like a balloon. Talking about my body makes me feel depressed so moving on to another one and that would be LAZY LAZY LAZY. I was a very lazy person last year and I'm so lazy with my studies, assignments, chores and sometimes even onlining. Yeah, my laziness was pretty hardcore and I must say I don't like myself because of that and it is one of my UGLIEST flaws! 

Enough with the bad and now for the good part of the year. 2010 pretty much treated me very good and I must say it is the best year for me. Despite my laziness, my grades are getting better and better every new semester and that made my parents happy and of cos I'm happy for it too. Apart from that, I have no huge financial problem though I must say I was tempted to buy soo many things, a new handphone and such but I did control the temptation for the sake of saving my money up to buy me a Macbook Pro. I know that after all the hard work of saving will be paid once I get my baby and the money that I've been saving since 2009 will all gone in a blink of an eye. Besides that, I've made many new friends through the year and one of them became my lover. HAHAHA! Yes, I've found love in 2010! Never been in love before and he came into my life. We coupled without seeing each other at first for almost 4 months and once we've meet, we fell in love even more! I think out of everything that happened, that was the cherry on top for my 2010. 

What about 2011's resolution? Many people asked me that question and to be honest, at first I thought I don't think I have any. I feel like making up goals and in the end not being able to achieve them will make me feel like I'm such a disappointment. When I answered that, someone told me maybe my resolution should be realistic, easy to be achieved. Thinking about that, I've made up a short list of resolutions that I think are achievable. 

Jessica's 2011 Resolutions
1. To be a better person, a better friend, a better sister, a better daughter, a better girlfriend.
2. To be more organized and less lazy.
3. Exercise regularly to get healthy, not to look smaller.
4. Get more sleep, well rested. 
5. Stop thinking negatively about myself and accept own flaws.
6. Get more knowledge on photography.
7. To be a better Christian.
8. Eat healthily.
9. To be a better driver.
10. To really stop drinking.
11. To improve my English.
12. To spread more love and to forgive more.
13. To be more understanding to others.
14. Not to be selfish.

Overall, 2010 was the best year for me. I may not improved myself during the whole year but I did learn many things and also from the mistakes that I've done. My hopes for 2011 is to make a self improvement bit by bit. Perfect is not what I intended to be, just a better human being. 

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