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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I sure will.

I'm not the best person to be with, I know that. I can be pretty annoying. I don't show how I truly feel cos I just don't and sometimes I'm very doubtable. I've been told that somehow I'm mischievous. Lazy and me go side by side. I tend to be hard headed at times and I'm hot tempered. When I'm mad, you should not get close to me cos you might get blew off. I have tons of flaws, I'm sure of that but still there are people who love me nonetheless. Maybe there are some things that made me lovable but I'm not so sure about that.

There might be some wonderings why I do this post and the reason is I just want to show some gratitude to those whom are crazy brave enough to love me and this does not include my family. ( It's their obligation to do so. haha) Close friends, best friends and boyfriend, you guys sure have the gut to even care and love me and I really appreciate that. I may not show my appreciation that much but in my heart, I really mean it. 

Flaws. Should there be any regrets about having them? Some agree and some may think the opposite. Flaws make us who we are. It would be better to have less of them or to change yourself to be a better person but of course, that choice may be a tough one to achieve cos like the old saying, old habits die hard. Yes, I've decided to be a better person. It's hard but it doesn't mean that I'll stop though.

I should try a little bit harder.

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