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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

30 Days Blog Challenge: day 12

Day 12- A photograph of a town you live in.

I'm not even sure where is this located :P

This is the main road in front of the train station and Giant.

Putatan's first mall and I haven't entered it yet.

The challenge clearly states a photograph but I posted 3. It's never wrong to have more right? :) The town that I'm living in right now is Putatan. It's in Penampang district apparently, just found out about it while I was googling for the pictures. I actually don't have a single photo of Putatan and it never crossed my mind to take pictures of my lovely town. I like it here cos it's near to  KKIA Terminal 1 and it has everything that you need except for cinemas. The nearest cinema would be in Donggongon. Yet immigrant or pilak the sabahan called it, is a huge problem here. There are a lot of illegal housing in my area and long time ago, my house got broke in and the thief took everything valuable, including my wallet with my identification card in it. The most important thing I don't like about this town is it's sooo far away from KK. I think it's a 30 minutes drive just to get to the city which to me is pretty time consuming. 

But still, it's alright :)

p/s: I do not own any of the pictures that have been posted in this post. All credits go to its claimer. 

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