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Sunday, April 3, 2011

My god!

Exam is coming, approximately in 4 weeks or so!!! Damn, I need to start doing revisions for all of my 6 subjects! This semester's goal is to get 3.3 pointer and above. Unrealistic and unachievable?? Hmm, I think I can do it. I only get 3.33 last semester and I must say I didn't work really hard for it. With extra effort, I know I can get more than 3.5 and that's what I'm planning to. No, I don't get any reward for any of my good grades from my parents but I know they feel proud of me. Since the beginning of my studies in university, I'm not the best student in class but I get good grades, never once I got below than 3 pointer and that made my parents happy. I like it when they're happy for me. My dad once said to me that he's happy with my grades even though I haven't got above than 3.5 but for me, I'd like to give more. Hopefully this semester, I can make it happen. Will start to focus on my studies rather than other things. Have to be well prepared for the battle! 

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