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Saturday, May 7, 2011

30 Days Blog Challenge: Day 22 & 23

Today's exam was pretty hard but I just answer all questions anyway. Wait, I think I left one out cos I absolutely have no idea on how to answer the bloody question. I'm fucked!

Day 22- A letter to someone that hurt you recently.
Did anyone hurt me recently? I don't think so, I guess. If there was, I've forgotten about it already. Lucky to that person that I don't remember cos if I do, I'll be dedicating lines and lines of curses on you. It could've been fun but actually, I don't hold grudges on people that hurt me. I just don't. I'll definitely get angry but just temporary and I keep my anger to myself, I don't blow up in front of people. I usually let it all out on my dogs, Brown and Lucky. I know it's not their fault but at least they won't feel a thing to what I'm saying to them. Good dogs, both of them :)
I know I should compose a letter for this challenge but unfortunately, that won't be happening cos I'm not mad at anybody at the moment.

Day 23- 15 facts about you.

1. I have a huge fascination on moustache. lol I know it's weird!

2. I'm a plus size. I'm trying to make peace with body.
3. Not a huge fan of chocolates.
4. I love fashion but unfortunately it's hard to find pretty clothes my size :(
5. Prefer curvy than model size body.
6. I'm 100% Kadazan but everybody said I look like Chinese. Probably because my ancestors are Chinese immigrants from China. Perhaps I have tiny drop of Chinese blood in me.
7. I'm currently in my first relationship.

8. Love photography.
9. Still a coffee junkie.
10. I daydream to much!
11. I sing pretty well, haha!
12. Love to travel the world.
13. American by heart.
14.Internet keeps me sane and Tumblr is the best.
15. I fill my free time with playing The Sims 3, Angry Birds, PS2. All fattening activities. No wonder I look the way I am right now. :\

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