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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So, for exactly how long have I been away? Can't really tell but probably more or less than a month I guess. I didn't even keep track with my facebook and twitter, let alone my blogs. When I was gone, I didn't do much to be honest. I stayed at home most of my semester break which is pathetic. I got very lazy during the holiday, even to surf the web is a drag for me.

I wanted to go for vacation but my dad was too busy with work and stuff so the whole family had to just stay at home. Did went to KK to watch movies but I seriously need to get out from KK actually. Wanted to backpacking to Labuan for a few days but new semester is starting soon so have to strike that plan out. Didn't even get to spend much time with boyfie cos we live so far away from each other, he's in Kota Belud and I'm here. Managed to meet up a couple of times but that's all. Wanted to see him as often as I can but there are just some unavoidable circumstances that him and I have to face. Sabar ja la.

Like I've mentioned earlier, I didn't go out that much and one of the BAD side effects is I gained weight. I'm in desperate to get into shape. Even boyfie said that I look chubbier when we first met last holiday. Bought a skipping rope so that I can jump every evening and to have a proper diet. No more eating late at night. Drink more water. Think positive and I'm not gonna push myself too hard, take one step at a time. So inspired by Raven Symone and Kelly Osbourne. They used to be really 'chubby' and being thick isn't a problem for them. They have always proud of themselves no matter how big they get and even they're smaller now, they still have the same attitude which is really inspirational.

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