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Thursday, June 23, 2011


I went to an aerobic session today after almost a year of disappearing from it and from today forward, I'll continue going!! People say that you'll feel great after a good workout and I'm definitely agree with that. I can feel that some of my fats got burned during the aerobic session cos I was sweating like a pig, my t-shirt was drenched with all the sweat and it was like I just took a shower. Can't even describe how stinky I was when I got home.

You can say that I'm really motivated to get healthy and shed a few kilos. To put on clothes that have smaller size would be a plus but right now I'm focusing on getting healthy cos according to my BMI, I'm a freaking obese! As humiliating as it sounds, I've accepted it. Accepting it at first was hard cos I used to really hate my body and I judge myself too much. You are your worst judge and that's true. 

So, for the past week I've been eating moderately. Asian as I am, it was hard not to consume rice but I'm cutting down slowly to train my body to consume lesser than I normally have. It's tough but forcing your body to eat less in a sudden is not gonna work cos I've tried it before. What I did before was I didn't had rice for a week but when I started to eat rice again, the portion was HUGE! Transitioning to smaller portion may be hard but I'm taking baby step, decreasing the portion size bit by bit hopefully works!

I've promised to myself that I won't give a hard time to my own body. I believe that small changes could bring a great success!! Wish me luck guys, I really need it!!

P/s: My workout buddy is my own cousin, Allester (:

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