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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another blog challenge

So just let you all know, I've just started another blog challenge yesterday but I didn't post it up here. It's for the blog that I created for me and Joel to post everything that we want. It's a 10 days challenge, much lesser than the one that I did the last time here on this blog which is a 30 days challenge. Before I forgot, it's a 10 days BOYFRIEND blog challenge, sounds cheesy right? :P But since I'm doing it on the other blog, I can be as cheesy as I want to. No harm intended :)

Wanna know how I did? Click here :) (mau mengpromote ni hahaha)

Today is my first day of the 'bloody' week so I might be a little overreacting, mind me okay?

See you at the other blog!

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