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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Alone isn't really a bad thing.

Saturday suppose to be fun but mine for this week, I would say not really. My idea of a fun saturday is not spending the day at home but unfortunately that's how I spent it, which is really depressing. I was thinking to go to Stompin' Sabah that is held in Tanjung Aru beach today until tomorrow but I don't want to drive cos I know it will be IMPOSSIBLE to get a parking and no one is willing to drive me there. There goes my plan A. So plan B, spending the day texting with boyfriend cos it's been awhile since we really had a nice text but he went to this photography event. There goes my plan B. I was quite discouraged and thought that my saturday would be wasted just like that but I coax myself and decided to do whatever I feel like doing and my day turned out to be better than I've expected.

I did quite a lot of things actually. I started my day as a diligent housewife haha! I did the laundry, dry it outside. Made breakfast for the family, swept the house and then made lunch with Marsha. I then played this game called Emperor. Then I remembered I'll be having Tour Guiding quiz next wednesday and there's also a tutorial that need to be submitted on the same day. So I studied a bit and finished the tutorial which really put a smile on my face; despite the fact that my day didn't go as I've planned, it doesn't mean that I can't make it worth it. I rewarded myself with Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami (it was my fourth time reading it) and finished it on the same day. Talking about a REALLY GOOD book :)

About tomorrow, I'm not going to plan what I'll be doing or how I'm going to spend it cos I don't think I want to put high hopes in it. I'll probably just have to wait and see what will come my way. By the time being, I'm going to spend it on movie marathon alone in my room and I must say I really love my 'alone' time. I get to spend time for me without having to think about the world, other people. Just me.

Being alone means having time for yourself, how can it be bad? Life doesn't evolve solely with people around. Sometimes you get to see the world clearer without having people stuffing around you and you get to appreciate yourself more. I don't mean by being forever alone is the way to be but having a little time to focus just on yourself can be quite uplifting and therapeutic for the mind, body and soul.

Being alone has been badly overrated, yes? And it doesn't look that bad either :)

Until next post, au revoir :)

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