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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A quick update on my last weekend.

Last friday was university's annual dinner which was held at the newly built hotel in downtown KK, Ming Garden Hotel. Unfortunately, yours truly here didn't attend it cos I was infected with minor red eyes that caused my eyes to itch every time I tried to put eyeliner on. And in addition to my unfortunate event, I've purchased the ticket so my RM50, wasted just because of the freaking red eyes. I even bought a dress and heels for the occasion. Since the theme color of the dinner was Black and Red, I bought stuff according to that 2 colors and too bad I didn't get to wear them. But to think back, the dress actually suits to be worn for christmas so I guess it won't be a waste after all, right? :) But still, sayang bah cos it was my final chance to attend annual dinner organized by the university since I'm already in my final year and seeing pictures that were taken by my friends made me feel even more sad. They all had fun and everybody look GORG!! Even the guys look amazing as well. *sigh*

Vampire Weekend helped me to make it through last weekend :)

The next day (on saturday) was my trip to Usukan Cove Resort and my classmates and I with other 40+ of my junior spent 2 days and 1 night there. The resort is nice and it has a pretty beach but I've been to other resorts that are prettier so it didn't make me awe. The trip was okay la but since it was organized for our Travel and Tour Guiding subject's assignment, we have to be in charge of everything so that every activities went smoothly. Quite intimidating cos some of the fellow committee members didn't quite do their job well but thankfully everything went okay. It rained on the first day and we didn't get to do Sand Castle competition so we just proceed with the indoor activities. For dinner, all of us had a little BBQ and I didn't eat a lot cos I wasn't that hungry. After the humble dinner was karaoke session and singing competition but the mic wasn't functioning. So most of the participants went to bed probably because they were exhausted. Some of us remained at the dining area including a lecturer of mine playing teka-teki teda-teda and all of us ended up laughing all night. Some of juniors are really hilarious and I enjoyed spending times with them. Not until a little after 10 the maintenance of the resort sorted out what went wrong with the mic and some of them went back into the conference hall to proceed with the karaoke session. All of us finally went to bed at 12am++. On the second day (sunday), we got up approximately at 6.15am, morning exercise at 7 o'clock and breakfast at 8am ish. We have nothing much to do on second day, some went to swim and kayaking, some just take their time to relax by the beach. I managed to have a little chat with my juniors and Miss Fiona, chatting with them was fun. Even one of my juniors complimented I have beautiful sexy hair. Haha! *proud* We checked out at approximately 12.30pm and headed back to KK at 12.50pm. I slept through the whole journey and when I woke up, we have arrived near Beverly. Approximately at 1.50pm++, we finally arrived at the university.

To sum up, my weekend was exhausting but at least I didn't get to spend it at home which I always complain about and to be honest, I enjoyed it. A weekend well spent. Will post up some pictures on the next post, if I rajin. Haha! Sorry with the constant use of approximately, so lazy to think of other word to use.

Au revoir :)

I think I should just post the pictures on my photography blog so that I can update it after being abandoned for way too long!

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