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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday the 13th!

My final examination of the semester has ended on the very fine day of yesterday and I'm officially a FREE WOMAN! And yay to semester break!! Yes, I feel very and totally free after this heavy load of examination has been lifted up from my shoulder. Praise God for His grace that has guide me through those hard times. The last paper was undeniably hard but I just hope that I pass it and as for other papers, I hope I do well *crosses fingers*.

Speaking of semester break, I am actually thinking hard of how to get the most out of my holiday. Since it's not gonna be a really long one (holidays ended 4th Feb, I guess), as I tweeted (follow my twitter )...

Yes, you read it right! This holiday will be about me doing some self pampering and exercise. I want to do what I want, finishing things that have been postponing and to start a routine that I can stick to so that my life won't be as chaotic as now. All this time, I've been listening to what people want me to do for them doing things that I am forced/ have to do and ignoring what I want for myself, hence with the so many postponed stuff that I have yet to complete. I haven't been able to finish a book I bought last year because of the exam and to get my bedroom and clean and organize. I even bought this box to fill my makeup and stuff. Now that my holiday is finally here, I can just get a breather and get things done the way that I want. I can even sleep longer now to repay the excruciating lack of sleep within the exam week. Hallelujah to that! 

I know that I am not fit and that is why I am soooo in need of getting healthy so that I get to live longer. I don't want to be stuck as the chubby girl with pretty face any longer. Not forgetting that I'm already in my 20's now and I need to be in my best form to look good in my wedding dress. It's not like I'm going to get hitch really soon but we'll never know right? But all I know, sooner or later I am heading to 'that' direction and I don't think it hurts to do an early 'self-transforming' preparation. Let's face it, who doesn't want to look at their best on their wedding day. To make all that dream a reality, I have to diligently go jogging with the hope that I can do it everyday and I want to get Zumba a try. Zumba is a combination of aerobic and dancing. Sounds fun isn't it? I've heard that is has taken Kota Kinabalu by storm when Core Fitness Gym first introduce Zumba classes and now there are quite a few Zumba classes in town one of the most popular is the Zumba Party by Michelle Koh. Those who are a part of Zumba classes called themselves a Zumba babe, even a of my friend is a Zumba babe herself and I really want to be one too. I love to dance and I have a strong feeling that I will enjoy it. But before that, I need to find a class that is close to home. *another fingers crosses*

Taking advantage that I'm having a holiday right now, I would also want to work on my make up and wear contacts more regularly. I mean I really need to properly learn on how to put on eyeshadow and start to train myself to wear lipstick when I go out so that I won't look dead-ish. It's not that I don't know anything about make up, I just want to start making a real effort on my appearance; make up, clothes, hair and how I present myself in public.

Okay, it's late now. I need some beauty sleep because I'm going out later today. Someone is getting a new handphone. 

Le semaine d'examen :)

Until next post,
au revoir!


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