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Monday, January 27, 2014

Sick post.

As I am typing this post, the time now is 2.35am and it's veryy late! Before you all start thinking that I'm having insomnia attacks, I'm actually really sleepy but I couldn't because of this really bad cough+flu that I'm currently having at the moment. I've been coughing a lot just to clear my throat and I couldn't breath comfortably because of my blocked nose so I am basically breathing through my mouth and I have to take a deep breath for it. This is so making me uncomfortable, which is why I couldn't sleep at all.

I've tried all I know to make myself comfortable, which will eventually allow me to sleep like putting vapor rub on my neck and chest, drinking hot milk, putting my pillow slightly higher but none of them works. I really don't like this and I will definitely look like a panda in the morning!

What are your home remedies for cough+flu??


  1. Alala ciannya..i just recovered last week since last year punya sakit haha..bnyk juga jenis ubat i tried. But try minum ginger + honey. tumbuk skit ja tu ginger tmbah honey dlm air suam hehe..or boleh ganti garlic if u don't care with its smell and taste.. minum baaaaanyak air suam, jgn minum manis2, puasa caffeine.

    doktor sesat! haha
    get well soon dear! :D

  2. @michelle Sung thanks dear.. sy xbrapa suka kalau2 ckit2 sakit pi jumpa doctor.. kadang2 bagus lg home rememdies ni, kasi kurang tu kimia2 masuk dalam badan..