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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pre Valentine's Day

February has come to greet all lovers because as we all know, to all couples, February means Valentine's Day. So, Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I'm guessing probably some of you have prepared something, either grand celebration or just a simple date with your other half, right? :)

I'm a kind of person who loves to prepare things ahead of time because I don't like to rush things, so I really like planning for things to do, what to prepare even though Joel told me that he couldn't celebrate it with me due to unforeseen circumstances :( But despite that, I still like to plan things cos we may not know how things are going to happen. Maybe he'll change his plans, who knows but at least I'm prepared just in case that happens. I just like the feeling of everything goes as planned and that makes me happy. OCD much? I don't know, maybe just a tiny bit.

Pinterest has been my favorite website for the past few days cos I just love to see other people's inspiration and their takes on Valentine's Day. Sometimes I'd take those inspirations and imagine it in my head whether those inspirations work for Joel and I, and let me tell you, doing that was so much fun. Lets check out some of the ideas that I think are totally cool, who knows you might be inspired as well? :)


There are more on pinterest and go check some more of the ideas! Since I won't be celebrating with Joel on the day itself, we'll still celebrate it but probably on other day. I hope you guys will have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your loved ones; other half, family and friends cos it's a day to share and celebrate love to everyone that you love and care about.

Happy Valentine's Day!

P/S: I signed up a dayre account few days ago and it's so much fun blogging using my phone. If you have dayre, do not hesitate to follow me and I'll follow back. I post updates quite frequently there.
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  1. I didn't prepare anything. coz i know kerr won't be with me too and he will say, nda payah la semua tuu..iskk bensi sya haha anyway, a simple mesej nda rugi juga ba kan hihi

    Happy Valentine's Day in advance! :D

    1. hahaha Joel pn begitu jga.. dia bilang xpyh la tu mo celebrate2 maka skali skala apa salah kan? huhu..

      Happy valentine's day to u too dear! :D

  2. ha ha kami tidak sambut langsung ni..hi hi hi

    1. spending time with your love ones pn kira sambut jg ba wlupun bkn special pny.. hehehe