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Thursday, February 20, 2014


There are times that you can't really express how you feel, you wanted to but you couldn't. Afraid of what people may think, how would they feel if you just blurt out your thoughts and feelings. Life is unfair but you shouldn't just keep complaining, you should know better Jess that whine and holding yourself up won't give you what you want. Stop hiding yourself, give yourself a chance to show that you can. When will you realize that you can make your life un-pathetic? You have to walk the talk now and stop avoiding from things that you told yourself you want to do. What exactly that is holding your back to do things you want to? Are you afraid you'll failed miserably? Or are you afraid of real life? Real life is indeed scary but how would you know if it's really scary if you haven't step outside and feel how real life is about? Please Jessica, give yourself a chance!

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