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Monday, July 12, 2010

If money grow on tree..

I'm sure that each and everyone of us would want and hope for the same thing. When we saw or there is something that we really want but unfortunately it's hard for us to reach because of financial problem and the first thing that cross our mind would be "If only money grow on trees" or anything similar to that phrase.

Well today a friend of mine named Fitri was surfing the web and told another friend of mine named Zaza and I about her friend on facebook and she constantly read her blog. From my understanding, that person is rich! She has a successful career in the tender age of 22 and also married to a guy whom has a title 'syed'. While Fitri was reading out that person's blog about her life, a tiny (okay, probably more than tiny :D) sense of envy building up in me. I mean in the age of 22, she owns a lot of things and I have to confess; I too want all the things that she owns. Materialistic much?? I don't even know myself but I do want a lot of things and the things that I want, too bad I couldn't afford them. 

As a young adult (will reach 21 years old in a few days), I think it's normal to have the urge to get rich and have lots of money because  understand that all of us want more than what we own now. For those who have rich parents (no offence),  I feel that they are born lucky. They don't have to feel the hardship of not getting what they want and in fact, they get what they want easily; without breaking any sweat from getting a job. I don't have any intentions to look down on rich and spoiled brats of today, I just think that it's unfair. Life is indeed utterly unfair and for those whom are unfortunate, they have to just suck it all in when this world revolves around thoughts on how branded your stuff is, what car do you drive.

"Be grateful for what you have." That phrase is overrated! I mean, there's no way that a person would feel okay with just a shirt in the wardrobe or eating just a bowl of rice with no other side dishes. Wanting more could not escape from everyone's mind and that is why "Good, Better and Best" is created! What I'm trying to say is, it's okay to want more and some people might think that's related to greed but as long as the effort is good, no problem whatsoever!

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