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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Caution: mix language in this post!

Today started out BAD!! My phone died on me. It was okay at 1st but it got hang for quite awhile, tried everything to repair it and I thought I fixed it but it got worst. Managed to send a text to boyfie before it switched off by itself. Kotoh!! try to be miss smartypants again next time! Stressing out the whole night and now I feel VERY UNEASY and REALLY LOST without my phone. Went to pekan this morning to get it fix and the laopan said probably he can get it done by evening so no phone for the whole day. I'm SUFFERING!! I should really get a new one, a BlackBerry perhaps. Yeah, only in my dreams! Hopefully boyfie doesn't get really mad at me. I know you hate waiting hunny but the phone is giving me a hard time. :( 

Wanting to go to Skimboarding Competition that was held in Tg. Aru but decided not to cos I'm having a slight fever and running nose. Plus, the weather is quite bad to be in the outdoor but it's okay since I'm just going to stay at home the whole day. 
I don't really know what to blog but since I'm sooo bored, bagus lg blog psl random stuff. Okay, apa sy mo crita ah?? Downloaded new episode of The Vampire Diaries, Plan B and I have to say that I love that episode especially the early part of it. The sight of Elena and Stefan in bed together just made me smile :)))) Very romantic!!! How I wish I can do that with my own boyfie. 

-Early morning in bed-
Stefan: You're staring. *with eyes closed*
Elena: I'm gazing. *smiles*
Stefan: It's creepy. *smirks*
Elena: It's romantic. *smiles wide*

I was all smile when I first watch that part, gosh~~ kept thinking about it over and over again.Balik2 tengok that part lg tu, mati la!! hahaha!!  Imagining that I'm elena and boyfie is stefan made my smile even wider!

Enough with the lovey dovey, nanti ada org muntah while reading my post! hahaha!! Realized that I got sick easily this year. Every month mesti ada fever+flu+cough, the trinity of common sickness! Don't know why, maybe immune system is no longer strong than it used to or mgkin mau mati sudah. Uish, jgn la ckp psl mati2 ni. Nanti ada org nda suka. :) Insufficient amount of vitamin?? Could be one of the reason but whatever it is, I know that I have to take care of my health. I'm craving for chessy wedges at the moment. Asked mum to buy some but she ignored me. *sigh* So no chessy wedges for me. *sigh again*

Can't wait to watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows next month. The release date for Malaysia is on the 18th, less than a month from today's date. Wanting to watch it in 3D and probably should watch it with boyfie since he too likes to watch Harry Potter or with friends or cousin Allester. 

Sneezing makes me tired! Looked at the mirror and I see very chubby cheeks!! *long sigh* 
okay, that's all for now! :D