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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kinda bored.

So, just got back from uni few hours ago and had lunch with mom and dad. Yes, my dad just got home. Feels relieved that he's now home with the family. Mom cooked yummy2 lunch with veges, fish and pork! It was sooo yummy I ate 2 times, hahaha!! Don't know what to do even though I have 2 essays to be done by 12am tonite and need to read a little for my midterm tmrw, not in the mood to do anything related to uni. Wanted to update my photoblog earlier but the uploader still doesn't allow me to upload picture which made me not in the mood, probably the size of the pics are too big. Might adjust the size later. Trip to Kudat is this weekend but totally not in the mood to go and 1 of the reason is the lecturer. She's definitely in my list of 'People I Dislike', don't like the vibe when I'm with her. Not a cheerful person I would say, my mood spoiler. Laptop keyboard is having problem, couldn't press the button 'I' as usual. Have to press extra harder which annoys me sometimes. I'm downloading Gossip Girl season 4 Episode 5 as I'm typing. Hopefully it will cheer me up a little when it's done. Read boyfie's blog just now and he mention something about participate in The Amazing Race either the U.S or Asia version with me. Delights me to read it cos I actually have the same dream to participate in the race but wayyy back then, my younger sister and I wanted to join as a team and then a bff of mine Rabie wanted to race with me as a team too. Now my own boyfie. If I really want to participate, I would have a hard decision to make on whether who to choose to be my partner for the race. The weather is extremely hot today, not my cup of tea in terms of weather selection. If only I can play God for 1 day, I would make it snow the whole day in Malaysia; the country that I'm living in at the moment unfortunately. Would want to settle somewhere cold, oversea, away from Msia with my future hubby and have a family there. The closest that I have in mind would be down under, Australia. Gotta save like crazy after I get a job if I want that to happen!! 

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