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Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas present!

in exactly 29 days, the date that christians all over the world are excited about is..... wait for it.... hell yeah it's christmas baby! well' i'm so excited about it cos that's the day that we will get presents and go to open houses to get our belly filled with delicious food! 

but for goodness sake, i have to focus on preparation for finals and it's getting on my nervous nerves. haven't even start with finals but am already thinking about holiday, such a slacker! do not be like me, not a good example. 

the thing that made me so excited about christmas is of cos the present that i'll get from my family. been thinking about what i want for christmas and yeah, i must say the things that i want, they aren't cheap! *cries*
so, here are the babies that i truely want for christmas. i mean one of them.

-new lens for my camera.
the reason i want this is because i want to improve my photography skill. the lens that i want is 50mm f1.4 sony. such a great lens for low light condition and makes portraiture look awesome! since i want to venture myself in pre-wedding and portraiture shoots department, i need to get the right lens and this is definitely perfect!

i'm such a twitter addict and i tweet a couple of hundreds a day. i will probably tweet more if i have a blackberry aka bb. blackberry bold or the new curve definitely the version that i want.  both look kinda the same and i just love the design.


-ipod touch
a person who loves music so much must have this and i am that person. love music as much as i love my family. can't live without music and listen to it every single day. so this i want!! 

only 3 of those that i really want at the moment. why don't ask for macbook you ask? well, i will buy that with my own money. so, i'm happy in that term already. :D looking forward to open my present but if i don't get any of those 3, i'm fine with it too. *sad face* nah, just kidding! 

this will be my last post cos i need to focus on revising. wish me luck yeah? 

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