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Thursday, April 21, 2011

30 days blog challenge: day 5,6,7

In the previous post, I've mentioned that I'll post day 4 and 5 challenges on the same day but I didn't due to some circumstances (lazy actually, typical me. haha). I'm suppose to do day 7 today and I think I'm gonna mash challenges for day 5,6,7 in 1 post. It's easier that way.

Day 5  A photo of yourself two years ago.

Yeah, that was me 2 years ago. haha!! The hair is messy. Quite crappy, ain't it? I used to be very immature when I was 20. Two years, you finished so fast. :)

Day 6  A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.

I know that this is a little too much but I'd love to have a horse as a pet. Any color is fine, as long as I can say that I have a horse that I call my own. What I love about the animal is that it's a social animal. Horses loves good company and the tame ones really like to have people around. It will feel lonely if it kept alone. Most animals have sixth sense, so do horses. Horse can definitely sense if a person is good or not. It won't let you touch if you're trouble. Besides that, do you know that riding a horse can help to tone up your tummy and thigh? Yeah baby, it does!! Another thing that I love about a horse. That's why all the cowboys in the southern part of the U.S mainly in Texas are all in good shape. Not forgetting their southern charms, accent and they're oh so sexy!! :D I will name my horse Precious.

Day 7  Your dream wedding.

I love to have a traditional wedding, nothing too fancy. Traditional wedding means to get married in a church with a priest because I was raised Catholic and most importantly to have my family to witness it. I want my dad to walk with me side by side down the aisle :) My sister and my friends would be my bridesmaid and I want my brother to be one of my husband's best man.   

Now, here comes the most important part of a wedding. The DRESS! haha! It's every girl's dream to look the most beautiful on their wedding day, including me. I want a simple white gown, a bare back one or perhaps with lace. My future husband will wear a clean and sharp black suit, silver or grey tie would match with the suit perfectly. Bridesmaids, you'll be wearing grey dresses! As for the rings, I prefer simple design. 

Wedding reception is a hard thing to do. In kadazan culture, the wedding couple would have to do 2 receptions, each on both side of the family. In modern days, most couple would do 3 cos they would want to have the main reception and they normally have it at hotels, halls. I hope I just have to do 1 cos it cost a lot. eeks! I always want to have an outdoor, open ground or nature themed wedding reception cos it looks the best on picture. Nature blends in very well as humans and nature are God's creation. Imagine having lots of candles, christmas lights and lanterns lit up at night. Beautiful. Don't forget the polished dance floor for our first dance! :D

I don't want an elaborate wedding cake. I don't need 7 tiers of cakes on my wedding day and I will assure you that it won't be too sweet like most of the wedding cakes that I've tasted. Chocolate and blueberry filling, please! And CUPCAKES!!

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