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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is that so?

Read someone's status on facebook today. It isn't the first time that person posted that kind of status. 'macam malas mo balik sabah jak ne cuti...' and yes, those  are the person's exact words. IT means feeling a bit lazy to go home in Sabah. When I read that, I was wondering is that what the person truly felt while typing down all the words on the keyboard? Well of course he is or else he would've never post that status in the first place. Have I mentioned that it isn't the first time? Yeah, he posted that status previously some time ago. All I can say is if you really don't wanna come home this holiday which maybe you really want to then do it. Don't need to come home if you don't have the feeling to do so. Think what's best for you first before others. If others wants to see you so bad but if you don't want to, why bother? Do as you please then. Do what you want, satisfy your needs. People would understand why, I know I do.

So maybe this may 6th is cancel right? Okay, I'll just accept it then. Enjoy your 4 months holiday at where your are now. I'll try to enjoy mine without you too.

yours truly,
you don't even care xoxo


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