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Saturday, April 30, 2011

I do

I've been listening 'I Do' by Colbie Caillat since yesterday. Didn't listen to other song, just that. The first time I heard that song when I was watching Kate and Prince William commercial on the telly. I went online and download the song straight away. 

The song is really adorable. The catchy tunes, meaningful lyrics totally goes well with those who are very much in love, just like yours truly here :) Colbie's voice made me feel so relaxed, like a soft wind breeze on a hot day. The kind of voice you wanna hear when you wanna get into the mood of love. Even the music video is cute too, the boyfriend and her spending cozy time together on bed really made me feel jealous. I miss my boyfie so much and I'm counting the days till his arrival to me, can't wait! I wanna do the bed scene too! HAHA!

I can relate to that song actually. Before I was in a relationship, it has always been about me, myself. Never thought that I can be someone's other half. When I got to know my boyfriend and we ended up in a relationship, he makes me appreciate life even better and I smile almost all day.

Spent the whole day watching the royal wedding yesterday and I'll definitely post my thoughts about it. Until the next entry.

I know that our relationship is quite new but I know enough that we can make it forever.
What we got ourselves into, I love every single thing about it.
I do love you, all the time. 

p/s: This post is for you sweetie :-*

Cross my heart,

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