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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Here I am.

I'm bored, like extremely bored. Before sitting in front of this laptop of mine, I was in the living room. Flipped through all the channels that I have, but none is interesting enough to make me stay and watch. Major disappointment. *le sigh* So I went back in this room of mine but again, before I sat in front of this laptop, I looked on the mirror to check myself out. Extra chunks all over the place. Arms, thighs, belly, under the chin, you name it. Took of my glasses and checked my face closely, I have small blemishes. LOADS of 'em! eeee :\ And my naughty fingers started to 'pop' them out one by one. Again, eeee!!

So here I am, sitting in front of my laptop and I realized that I'm not on facebook as often as I used to. I probably have mentioned this in my previous posts and it made me think why I'm not an 'active' user anymore. Is it because facebook is getting boring and more boring every single day? Pretty much. I created my facebook account I think it was in 2009, just a little after I started my degree cos ALL of my coursemates have it. I owned a myspace account before cos it used to be sooo popular but that was history and facebook took control, so it triggered me to have myself a facebook account. I considered myself as late bloomer in facebook world cos I started out pretty late ( I have friends that was on facebook since 2007 and me in 2009, only 2 years apart but still LATE). Okay, I'm starting to get off track here, back to the main point. After almost 3 years of facebook, all I'm getting from it whenever I'm online just to check for updates is dull.

Boring = Dull

I find it weird that everytime if I'm at somewhere that offers free wifi and people are on their laptop, most of them are checking their facebook. This is a true story. I went to KKIA's post office to register as a legal voter, a few weeks after my birthday. So after all the paper works and shit, I've been registered and the process is actually quite fast cos I'm like the only one there. Next to the post office is another office, I think it's  a police station. I exited the post office and  there was a couple of female officers sitting at the front desk typing something on the keyboard and when I caught a glimpse of what's on their monitor, guess what. Yeah, it was facebook and if you guessed it correctly, you deserve yourself a pat on the back. Modern world and facebook goes hand in hand. It isn't that I'm over with facebook. I still have friends that are studying at different universities whom I'm close with and cousins on my friend list cos checking on their profiles is the easiest way to get to know how are they doing. Hence the status updates from people I don't know. Brrr! I tend to get quite annoyed when some people update their status almost every hour like what they're doing and other BS like that and seriously, do you have to tell every single fucking thing you do? I know people have the right to do so but come on, it's not like your 'friends' will give a shit on it, especially me.

Here's another thing that to me is disturbing. After spending most of my tender years on social network, I've made a formula about it.

Lots of friends = you're popular

If you've spent enough time on multiple social networks just like I do, you'll probably/definitely agree to this. This type of idealogy is sick! Just because you have more friends, that doesn't mean you're popular. Immature much? I bet you don't know 3/4 of them at all but you thought them as your friends. How lonely your life is. Pity pity, as if! 

Bah, cukup lah mengarut for today. Will be meeting the boyfriend later today, got to have my beauty sleep! *grins widely like the Grinch*

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