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Sunday, September 11, 2011

You are what you wear

Being a lefty, I have always been more attached to the creative side of my brain. I like to envision things in my head, quite similar to daydreaming or procrastinating but what I mean by envision is that I'm literally making things using my mind. And one of my favorite things to envision is fashion looks.
I LOVE fashion. Fashion to me is something therapeutic. Like seriously, pretty clothes makes me happy and calms me down. I'm sure every woman feels the same too. I do believe that I am a fashionista, not one of those designers who design clothes but those who knows what and what matches together perfectly. Stylist to be exact. I love to help my mom out when it comes to shopping and whatever I've chose for my mom, she loves it. I have been my mom's stylist for years and she only trust my opinion, not from others. 

So, I've been creating this 3 looks since early in the morning just to shake off the boredom from being in bed toooo long for being sick ass in pain and I had fun doing it. Tried to sleep but I was soo in pain I kept awake all night crying. Usually it didn't hurt that much but this time, the period pain is excruciating!

So these 3 looks are kind of my inspirations of what I would want to wear for dates with mr boyfriend. Since I'm getting more mature *cough* now, I'm more into girlier designs. Dresses, leggings that kind of stuff. Very different from my rockier days. Need to lose lots of weight so that I can put on these looks.

Enjoy :)

Date At The Park

Sexy Beach Date

Romantic Night Stroll

p/s: Dear abdomen, please be okay already :(

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