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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Daddy got home.

Today's post is going to be about my daddy. He just got home today after 3 weeks of working outstation at Tembungo platform and by reading that I'm pretty sure you've known what is my dad's occupation. He works with Petronas Carigali as an oil rigger.

His job is quite challenging of course cos it requires high level of mathematic calculation and he has to observe the workers under his belt, not to mention it needs a lot of courage to overcome with the feeling of being away with family for as long as 3 weeks. Everytime when my dad gets home, he would tell amazing stories and sometime interesting experiences while he was working. He once told my family while we were having dinner that how much he regretted for not bringing his exercise shoes to the platform cos there's a futsal match ( guys will always be guys right? :P ) between companies on the helipad ( it's the landing area for helicopters) every evening after office hours on the big ship that serves as their accommodation in the middle of the sea. Before this, I always wonder what do they do to entertain themselves in the evening.

So for today, we had our dinner a little bit earlier than usual as my dad insisted. He didn't talk much on the dinner table so I thought that he was really hungry, he even finished his meal quicker than the rest of us. After he put his plate in the sink, he washed his hands and went straight to the living room. I was the one who finished second so I decided to go to the living room where he was instead of going straight to my room for a small chat with him but when I reached the living room, he was focusing on the show on the television. I was amazed when I found out and you couldn't believe what he was watching.


"Daddy tengok ini..??" I asked with a sarcastic tone and he said yes and he watched it since the last 2 weeks and never missed a single one after that. In fact, all his workmates watch and follow the sinetron too, episode by episode. They always have their dinner early so that they won't miss it. I'm not sure what's the name of the drama but it's at 7pm and I can't tell on which channel it is.

I know that guys are far greater gossiper than the ladies but never thought that they would watch drama too and even worse, sinetron!!

p/s I should suggest daddy to watch korean drama with me instead. Maybe, maybe not :)

Until next post, au revoir!


  1. Ha-ha don't underestimate them. I saw my boyfriend was watching Indon drama juga not long ago...terkejut sekejap sebab dia ckp best.

  2. haha.. guys are so surprising sometimes!