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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A veryyy late Valentine post!

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for posting this up really late. I blame the damned internet for the tortures! I've typed the draft on the 26th of fucking February then the internet died on me! Can you imagine how bad my internet was? Argh! I have to wait for 9 fucking torturous days for the internet to be good again! Waiting is such an agony, yes? C'est la vie! I wanted to post on Leap Day but I missed the chance of doing so. BIKIN PANASSS BETUL BETUL, only God knows!!

So enough with the rants about the internet and let's talk about my 1st Valentine's Day experience with le boyfriend, the amazing Joel! Okay, I know this post is A REALLY REALLY LATE one but I still want to share about it. Bare with me okay? :)

If I have to choose one word to describe about my Valentine's Day, that word would be Simple. Yes, you read it right. It was a simple Valentine's Day for me. To be honest, Joel and I really didn't put a lot of thoughts into planning for that particular day. We didn't get each other gifts or any fancy shmansy surprises, neither candle lit nor romantic dinner. It's more like a 'hang out with the boyfriend' type of day, which we went out to have dinner at 818 Restaurant at Kingfisher ( a normal chinese restaurant aka "kedai cina") and then chat. So yeah, it was literally just another typical day, hanging out with the boyfriend doing and doing nothing special.

But... One thing that I see is that we don't need those extra things to express how much we love each other. I believe that it is the time that we spent together that matters. We talked, laughed, enjoyed each other's company, looked into each other's eyes, held hands, said the 3 sacred words ' I love you' to one another, kissed and hugged. Those moments are GOLD! 

It doesn't mean that I don't like surprises, candle lit dinner but like I said we didn't really do much planning and besides, a table has to be booked in advance. Next Valentine's perhaps?? :D

So now let the picture speaks!

Ice Lemon Tea
His mee sup, he really loves mee sup. I think people from KB really love mee sup!

My stir fry mee

Happy US :)

The boyfriend posted up his side of the story and you can read it here :D

Once again, much apologies for the long disappearance! Not my fault!

Until next post,
au revoir!


  1. auw so sweeet! how long you guys hv been together? haha u're a nice gf o...if me, i berabis sudah bising2 if he doesn't have any plan for me..hahah opps.

  2. hahaha.. kmi ada plan jg to have a proper valentine's day next year, hopefully tu kiamat xjd la.. lol! we've been tgether for 1 year n 8 years sdh, still going strong org bilg.. hehehe

  3. My fiance from kb REALLLLYYYYY love FOOD, esp mee soup (that's his favourite) :D Janji ada sama2 lover during v-day kira happy sudah kan ^^ wait got extra $$$ then baru spend at cozy restaurant ;D

  4. i think org KB memg love mee sup very much.. even my bf always said dat mee sup KB jg la yg sedap if we eat mee sup d kk area.. mybe true cos blum lg sy pnah try mee sup KB.. ya, plan2 sdh ni nxt year cos keja sdh kn.. student ni sush ckit to have a proper v-day date.. btw, thanks for following.. :)