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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A story of a sickness.

Hello fellow readers, no matter where you are. I hope that you guys are fine and healthy. Speaking of health. I am actually sick at the moment, suffering from a pretty bad flu to be precise. It started out to be a mild one but I chose to ignore it cos I thought it will go away on its own if I avoid to be in air-conditioned room or sleeping without the fan switched on so that I could sweat in my sleep but of course that didn't happened.

When flu decided to attack me, it usually will get worst. Probably because I have the infamous 'resdung' or sinusitis in english that runs in the family. My dad has it so indeed I got it from him. Our sinusitis are equally bad. The complications that I have to face when I got the sinusitis are the normal heavy teary eyes (almost like crying), heavy headed and blocked nose. The only thing I can do is to take flu medication and sometimes I overdose so that it works a lot faster. Never cross my mind that I would get my sinusitis treated traditionally, I don't know but maybe I'm a little sceptic about the candle treatment. What I heard from friends that had tried the candle treatment, sebums (those white little things that came off if nose strip is applied) are actually food for the resdung worms. When the smoke of the candle hits the face, sebum will come out from the pores and it will help to reduce resdung. Seriously, resdung is actually worms that live in the nose area?! I've read a few articles on malay traditional treatment for resdung and the practitioners describe resdung as tiny maggot-like worms. That I cannot believe, I'm sorry.

So here I am, in my room, constantly sneezing and wiping off my nose, teary eyes, typing and feeling utterly uncomfortable. I have bad headache even. I'll probably just get some rest and sleep without switching on the fan, that is.

Does some of you have sinusitis/ resdung as well? Tried the candle treatment before? Do you believe that resdung is actually real worms? What are your treatment routine when it comes to resdung?

thank God for tissue and countless of hot coffee for being there for me...

Until next post,
stay healthy and au revoir! 


  1. I don't have resdung. But I know resdung ne mmg susah, if makin teruk bo smpi sakit tu kepala (coz there's an imbalance air in our space between our head skull-I just learned this yesterday during my class hehe..) silap2 if got migraine again, mmg pengsan.. I have a friend who have resdung, kesian butul her.. need to avoid lots of stuff - sort of PANTANG lah kan?

  2. i duno abt pantang la cos klau pn ada sy konfem2 xpduli psl tu.. haha.. but if ada resdung memg sengsara.. tu airmata mgalir ja smpi org ingt sy menangis maka resdung ja..

  3. get well soon yah! you know I just recovered from cirit birit.punya lama saya cirit birit dari tuesday baru hari ni ok itupun lepas pigi klinik on sunday night.

  4. aue get well soon babe! lately i macam panas badan ja and my eyes macam pedih dis...haih hopefully not tumbuh kotud that what u call it? hehe