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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Vow

I've been wanting to watch the movie since last year and finally yesterday, I was able to watch it with the accompany of my boyfriend. I actually forced him and being a good boyfriend like always, he obeyed and fulfilled his girlfriend's needs. I know he's sweet, I shall give him some more lovin' when I see him. :)

To be honest, the movie is quite boring for my liking. I love cheesy and sappy romantic flicks but The Vow is one of the disappointments in my terms. Before even watching the movie, I read the book just to get an idea of how the storyline would be like. Although I just read a few chapters, the movie couldn't beat the book. I think the movie has been way overrated and too 'hollywood', very different from the story that was based on the true life of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter.

I'm a huge fan of Rachel McAdams since I first saw her in one of my favorite movies, the epic Mean Girls and being a female who loves to look at the male species, I love watching Channing Tatum, his good looks, tight and muscular body. He was really sweet in Dear John too. Also one of the reasons I wanted to watch this movie is to see the chemistry between the 2 actors that I'm a fan of.

Warning for SPOILERS!!
If you are a HUGE, I mean HUMONGOUS fan of Channing Tatum, there's a scene which I think will make all the girls drooling. It's when Tatum woke up in the morning from sleeping on the couch in the living room, he stand up and his sexy, tight bum show. I was like OMG~~ like literally. I'm sure I was smitten when I was looking at his cute ass.

I think it will be fair if you read the book. Get to know the REAL story that inspired the movie and you'll be blown away by how the movie really differ from the book.


Happy weekends and have a great one!
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  1. Blum tgk again this. but mostly orang comment enda puas hati with the ending ne..

  2. ya.. they tot the ending will be the girl get her memories back but actually she didnt, dats the real story from the book la.. laki dia tpksa mgurat bini dia blik spy bini dia will fall in love wit him again.. n making new memories for them.. crita dri buku lg siok mitch..

  3. it's been a while since my last movie and my last book. haha! and would be great if u've read the book at first coz the adapted movie wouldn't be the same as in the book. sometimes they adapted it way too much that it wud differ much from the original story -__-

    btw, another jessicca here. following u.. haha. have a great day ^__^

  4. haha i've seen the photos in tumblr..hilarious! ugh i haven't watched the vow! it's like everyone but me have watched it..huhu...