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Thursday, March 22, 2012

What did I get myself into?!

          mati la ni kali... *cries*

As you guys can see on the left side of my blog, scroll down a bit and you can see there's the A-Z challenge which I've decided to participate. I've already sign up and I was a bit excited because I actually don't know what to expect how challenging it could be. Then today, *Our home called Kuantan*  a blog that I followed updated and his post is about the same challenge. Reading the post made me realize that the A-Z challenge is a tough one. There are 10 more days to go before April and he had done all 26 challenge posts for each 26 letters. Now I feel intimidated and quite discouraged, fearing that I won't be able to do well in the challenges. When signed up the other day, I was the 1190 participants and that's A LOT of people will be visiting my humble blog to read my challenge post everyday. Since I usually blog about random stuff, I absolutely have no proper ideas to blog about the challenge. *die die die*

I think I should better start today to prepare some drafts related to the challenge so that I won't make a fool of myself. -____-""

Unlike me, don't make hasty decision that later will make you truly regret!
Until next post,
au revoir :(


  1. Don't take it seriously and just have fun! :) kunun..kasi tanang hati seja ni hehehe...anyway, all the best! ^^

  2. haha im trying to tell myself dat to have fun with the challenge n evetually everything will be fine but i just cant oh cos blum lg dtg idea2 ni.. thanks anyway for the support.. mari la join jg.. :)