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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A story of MIA

Hello again fellow bloggers! Sorry for the long hiatus. I've been MIA like what, almost 3 weeks? I haven't got the chance to online due to internet problem (again) and this time the problem is just ridiculous! The internet got cut off again and this time the operator informed us that we haven't paid for 4 months and we have to pay rm428 or else my land line will get blacklisted from streamyx. How more stupid can TMNET be? If the allegation is true, why would they let us use streamyx for 4 months without paying? But of course we are not that kind of people, I mean my dad did pay the bills late sometimes but he never let any bills unpaid for as long as 4 months. My dad was FURIOUS when he was on the phone with the operator and he almost wanted to sue TMNET. Then TMNET said that they will investigate the whole thing and will get back to us. Another idiotic solutions from them. Come on, why don't they investigate before cutting off our internet line and making the call to 'inform' that we didn't pay the bills?
After the call ended, my dad straight away went to TMNET office in KK complain. I was angry too at that time, you can't even imagine. I did ask my dad to just terminate our streamyx service and just use broadband, it's easy to carry around but my dad said broadband isn't enough for the whole family. If we use broadband, it means that everyone has to own one; we can't just pass it around and it will be troublesome if I need to use but at the same time my dad wants to use it too.

After all the trouble and knowing that we are innocent ( we did pay our bills, okay), TMNET has terminate our old account and made a new one so that there are no confusions in the future ( I hope) and with that there's a 1 month complimentary service, which means we have free internet for a month.
So there goes my story of missing in action.

Did you guys notice that there are no A-Z Challenge banner anymore on the side? I'm sorry to let you guys know that I've missed so many days already because of the internet tragedy that I decided not to do it this year. I'm disheartened by it but hopefully I will be able to do it next year.

Will blog about my daily routines without internet in the next post.

Until next post,
au revoir :)

Only one month free for all the trouble they had caused us?? So stingy!


  1. stupid mistake.I will sue them for the sake.wakaka...

  2. i know right! crazy la them. my dad almost sue but the tmnet ask my dad to bw bersabar. stupid stupid!!