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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Daily routine during no internet!

I'm very sure that people nowadays who live in the modern era can't live without the internet. Don't worry you internet-holics out there, I won't judge cos yours truly here is one of you too. Hehe. To go through 1 day internet-less is hard and painful, can you imagine living without it for 3 weeks? It was almost unbearable but in my case, the excruciating part only lasted for 3 days. The first day was the hardest, switching off the modem and hoping the internet will be back again once it was switched on was just a false hope. Then on the second day, the TMNet called and brought in the bad news totally killed my last bit of hope. I was so angry and my moods were just all over the place. I felt better on the third day cos my dad went to TMNet office in KK to lashed out his anger, 'Serves you right, TMNet! Now have a taste of my dad's rampage!!' keep playing in my head. I kept coaxing myself that everything will be fine and it turned out to be fine indeed.

Well everything was okay and without the internet, I have lotsss of free time. During those difficult days of not having internet, my daily routine consists of:
1. House chores
2. Reading
3. Spending time with the family
4. Studying
5. Playing games
6. Be with the boyfriend

I spent most of my time reading and I've finished 5 books, well actually 3 e-books and 2 actual books.

Yes, The Hunger Games Trilogy got me hooked! After watching The Hunger Games with the boyfriend, I can't wait to know the ending and immediately download these e-books into my phone cos I was broke. Whether Katniss will be with Peeta or Gale, you have to read your own to find out!

These are the real books that I finished. The Vagina Monologues is really funny and the book is about woman's ultimate forbidden zone, which is the *cough* genitalia *cough* and celebrating female sexuality in all its complexity and mystery. I really enjoy reading the author's experiences and what other women think about their 'down there'.

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks took me the longest time to finish. I would say that it is a little boring and I feel that it is the most uninteresting book from Sparks. Eek!

So that's all for this post and I feel sleepy now. 
Until next post,
au revoir! :)

By posting this up, you now know how boring my life is...


  1. hey wc back babe! hahaha patutlah like no updates odi this ur blog..
    the hunger game was awesome! i wanna know the ending but im too lazy to read :( i hope she's with peeta...gale is so gay.

  2. thanks babe, it's good dat finally i can online ody.. ui, katniss finally with peeta jg bh.. i dont want her to be wit gale jg tu.. buruk bh gale, so lame n boring! haha