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Friday, April 13, 2012

I shall be away!

Good morning everyone! I know this post is a little early in the morning, haha! I woke up early this morning cos I have some things left to pack cos I'll be away for 3 days starting today till sunday and I'm heading to Ranau, Kg. Luanti Baru specifically. NOT for a holiday but to do my research there. My research title is "Sustainable Tourism in Kg. Luanti Baru, Ranau" and hence, I'm going there.

To be honest, I'm feeling a little malas cos I don't like going on a trip but not having a holiday. I have to do some works there and I'm a little nervous that my research won't go well.

So I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and see you on sunday, that's if I'm not that tired lah :)!
Until next post,
au revoir! :)

Stressing about everything now...


  1. hey babe! hehe apa punya research u have to to there? for your course ka for fun?no wonder that day ada banyak check ins on 4sq this..hehe

  2. bgus klau for holiday babe, manada! bt keja ja sy sna smpi xcukup tdur! :(

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    p/s: Lama btul ne mandak away tau ;p

  4. heyyy hows your trip? is it okay? hope you have fun there! :)

  5. hey.. im back! sorry for the long hiatus! been very lazy!!