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Thursday, September 20, 2012

My baby is graduating!

At last, my boyfriend is finally a university graduate. Congrats baby! You did it! :) I was so proud of Joel but too bad I'm not there with him to witness his graduation and couldn't take picture together while he's in his graduation cape and hat. Pity me right? :( Well, I can only hope that he could attend my convocation in November which will be held in PICC, Putrajaya. 

Congratulations again sayang, I know you can do it and your baby is so proud of you!! :D


  1. Uikss.. jauhnya di pj.. sama2 with hermion lah tu kn?

  2. yessss sy sama c hermion tu nti!! hehehehe.. sy dgr from my seniors memg d sna la uni kmi bt convo every year.. sy tggl d bukit bintang lg, punya jauh tu mo pi putrajaya..