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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Goodbye old job and hello to new beginning.

1st post of the year 2013, YAY!! I hope it's not too late to wish Happy New Year and congratulations for surviving 2012! Yes, I've been missing for a very long time but oh well, let's leave the 'being hiatus, M.I.A' aside.

My 2012 in a nutshell I would describe as bittersweet. A lot of things happened that year, good and bad. On new year's eve when I was lying on my bed, thinking and grabbing memories in my head of how my 2012 was, it has made me realized in 2012 and the previous years, I haven't been growing maturely in terms of attitude, thinking, behaviour and the way I acted most of the time. I again soon realized that I'm a person without a mission and vision on what are my true desires in life. To be honest, I don't remember what have I achieved in the past and it is alarming. It scares me to the bone that I might end up being one of those old useless douche who still rely on their parents even after they are over 30. I really need to SERIOUSLY start acting like my age which is 24 this year and think like one too.

Referring to my post's title, I have just resigned from my old job recently. I know I have never post anything about my job during my employment of 4 months because I don't feel like it. I just feel like I don't belong there. I like the job but I don't like the boss and how he made me feel when I was still working there. The 1st month was good but it went straightly downhill after that. You might feel like I'm a racist for saying that working with Chinese boss is a PAIN IN THE ASS but I just can't help it because the boss is the reason why I left. He's the typical kind of Chinese boss who expects more from his employees but with low wages, pays overtime when he feels like paying, questioning your long holiday even though the holiday has been approved and other shits. I was working at the management department so I deserved to get my public holidays since office is close on those days, right?? Wrong!! I mean in the boss' eyes, it's wrong. I still have to go to work on public holidays and it's a full day working on Saturdays instead of the usual half day. Office hours is different than operation hours but I don't think he has any clue on that. Every day at work is like waiting for the boss to be angry at things. I'm surprised that how can a person be mad all the time and when he is angry, his mouth will become a curse-spewing machine. My office colleagues and I will not stay in the office if we know that he's not in a good mood so we would go to other department for doing some 'inspections' constantly so that we can avoid from being ear-washed.

I'm glad that my parents have been so understanding when I told them that I wanted to quit. My dad was a bit hesitant at first but he finally gets how I feel and the amount of pressure that I get when I was working there. I just hope that my next job will provide me not just a good paycheck but also a comfortable working environment cos these two elements are important for me in order to perform well in the job.

Updating my resume cos I'm ready to be employed and blessed sunday everyone :)


  1. Hey,

    You are back. I keep waiting for your post. Anyway, it is not to late to look for another job. Do things which makes you happy,we live only once.

  2. Haha just by reading about your boss matter, mmg bikin panas oh kan.. How i wish i am brave like you to leave my current job. Just wait for the right moment la kan...and all the best to you! :D

  3. hey babe! so lama teda your update here.hehe same here. i also don't want to rely on my parents when im 30 seriously palis2. but its okay, we will find a new job soon :)

  4. hey beautiful and lovely girls!

    With love: I have to rethink plenty of times before I made the final decision. A bit sad that I had to leave but the boss gave me no choice. yup, we only live once and we should not be satisfied if we know we deserve better! :D

    Michie: Bikin panas kan?? Haih, boss ko pn begitu ka? I respect u dat u still can tahan even with dat kind of boss. wait for the right time la and God will see your patience!

    Hermione: haha, yabah lama ody i didn't post something here. it's scary to imagine if we r still relying on our parents but yalah, i know we will get a better job jg in the end. chayo2!!! :D