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Monday, July 27, 2015

Movie Review: The Vatican Tapes

Decided to post a movie review since the my last review was such a long time ago. 


So all the girls in the family (el madre, my 2 sisters and I) decided to have a girls' day out last Saturday since my dad was at offshore and the brother was at a christian camp in Papar. I was under the weather so I decided not to go to class and it's been awhile since all of us girls have our girls' day. Went to have brunch first at our favourite dim sum place in Donggongon and straight away to Megalong just to window shop. Then youngest sister, Jeniffer asked if we can go watch a movie, so we headed straight to 5th floor to check on what movies they have. Since I'm not a huge fan on superheroes, Marvel movies, so definitely no Ant Man for me. I suggested Paper Town but the sister after me, Marsha said no. She even said that the movie is about teenage love story and since most of us are ways past our teen years so we decided to watch The Vatican Tapes. Perfect for all of us who just love horror / exorcism / Devil-possesion movies, especially if it is based on true story. Among our favourites are The Conjuring and The Exorcism of Emily Rose, we love this type of movie so much I kid you not. 

So back to the movie, *SPOILER* the story is about a woman who experienced strange and disturbing events right after her birthday. She got a big cut on her finger while cutting her birthday cake, a raven bite her infected finger, went into a long coma after getting into a car crash, woken up from the coma but became crazy because the devil started to conquer her soul by playing with her mind. The ending was a bit disturbing as she was born again and became the antichrist. 

I would say the storyline wasn't a strong one, there are no elements of surprise in the movie and the scary parts are quite predictable. I am the type of person who gets scarred easily but the whole time I was watching the movie, I didn't get scared at all. But my favourite part of the movie was when the Vicar tied the woman with a thick steel chain, the woman (who was already possessed) just force herself to get out from the latch and it made me shriek cos her bones were breaking.

I wanted to insert a few pictures of scenes from the movie but as I was searching for appropriate ones, I came across a few scary pictures of devils and real picture of people who are possessed, which kind of freaks me out. So decided not to include pictures cos I was afraid that I will see even scarier pictures LOL!

Honestly, I wouldn't recommend paying to watch the movie. You can just download it from the internet. But since I've watched it, I wouldn't download it even. But if you are into Catholicism way of exorcism and just love watching horror movie, you may give it a try. But don't say I didn't warn you :)

au revoir,