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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Blog Every Day in November 2015 #BEDN Day 1: Something New About Yourself

It has been such a long time since my last post! So many things has happened during those times, you can't even imagine and one of those events that happened is actually a very unfortunate one. I would say that this particular event has demotivated me to live a normal life as a human being and this unfortunate event has changed my relationship status from being in a relationship to newly single and strong (as my bffs Michelle and Fay suggested my new status). I have shared this story on my Dayre briefly and I'm planning to share the full story here on my personal blog but I'll be doing it slowly, probably in 1 whole post or more, we'll see.

I'm still struggling to find exact words to portray on how I truly feel about this life changing experience and truthfully going through day by day knowing that your 5 years of relationship ended because the ex has fallen in love with another girl is really hard for me to accept even we have broken up for over 2 months or so. Like I said, this whole thing has been a life changing experience because I have been in a relationship with a guy that I used to love for 5 years and we have a 'routine' that we do every single, now I have to ditch that 'routine' and creating a new routine ain't fun at all. People said that adopting to new changes is hard and I can really relate to this saying cos I find it so hard to gather myself up, pick up pieces of my broken heart and adopt to a new life that I'm in right now, which is singlehood. 

Putting negativity aside, Im embracing this new life and although I am pretty sure that I'm gonna relapse and will have my sad moments, I know I'll make it through this whirlwind that I'm in. I hope that this BEDN challenge will allow me to distract myself from dwelling too much into the past and just have fun blogging.

Now blogwalking time! 

au revoir,


  1. I'm so proud giving you that new title 'single & strong' bcoz i know u are *pat on my shoulder* ahahaha! Well at least for now la hehe...cheers girlfriend! Let's distract with soooo much fun things! XD

    1. Thanks again for suggesting that status! Yes, here's to more fun and exciting life ahead!!! :D

  2. *virtual hugs*

    Been there, survived and became so much better. Don't worry babe. Take your time.
    Time does heal. *kisses*

    1. Thanks for being there for me and you have helped and guide me through hard times! Thanks again babe!! *virtual hugs & kisses*