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Friday, July 3, 2015

Not feeling myself..

For these past few days, I'm not feeling like myself. I tend to get very down, sad and worst, I criticize myself too much to the point that I'm hating my body right now. Absolute positivity has been zeroed out, flushed down by the toilet from my body. I'm sad because this is not me. Although I know I may not be a skinny girl but all humans are created differently and they are unique individuals regardless of how they look externally, I in fact accepted my body just the way it is but recently I feel like I'm the ugliest pig in the world. This feeling sucks as I know that I love my body but things change for the past days, it might be that time of the month again with the dreaded menstrual thing, where I'm being so emotional and PMS-ing about my body. 

Letting Joel know about my current situation wasn't that helpful, although he tried to shower with words that he loves me very much and my body but that didn't help as well. I need to get on with my workout again, maybe go for a few laps of jogging for starters would be quite nice. I miss zumba so much but I'm not into going to any class right now. 

Jess, with all those excuses no wonder you're still fat.

Damn, I'm starting to judge and giving myself a hard time again. I can't be alone with my thoughts at this moment, I need to be with positive people.

Au revoir,


  1. Lets work out together. I ve been critizing my body for almost a year half. And it was very very bad as it left me to be a negative person. Come on cheer up...let just start with something easy at first.

    1. I know we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves and our body but we just couldn't help it. There will be times that we will feel down too. I started with eating healthy first n maybe exercise slowly..