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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Blog Every Day in November 2015 #BEDN Day 4: Photography

I love photography and I take pictures like everyday. I used to take a lot of pictures using my DSLR but not anymore and that is sad. I think I need to get back with my DSLR to rekindle the long lost relationship I have with it. Now, all of my pictures were taken using by my iPhone 5S and I personally think that iPhone's camera is so dope. That's one of the reason why I use iPhone and if I'm gonna get myself a new iPhone in the future, I would probably get the one with more memory space cos 16GB is very annoying and I kept getting warning that I'm about to ran out of space!

Here are some photos that I took using both of my DSLR and iPhone, I'm not a pro or a photographer so please do enjoy some of the photos that were taken by yours truly here! 

This was taken using my DSLR like a few years ago! I look so huge in that picture!! #nofilter #nophotoshop #raw

This was also taken using my DSLR like about a month ago. I must say I love the color of the sky in this picture, it's when the sun about to set. #nofilter #nophotoshop #raw

This was taken using my iPhone. I took this picture when Fay, Michelle and I were hanging out at Jesselton Point after our island trip. The sun was setting, so romantic! #nofilter

This was taken during our island trip in October using my iPhone. I just love the color of the water here, it's so turquoise blue! Just like the color of the sea in Hawaii. I'm going to make a different post for our island trip in the future! Michelle and Fay have already posted blog post about it where you can read them at Fay's & Michelle's. #nofilter

I used to be a huge photography enthusiast but it has lessen down over the years. It was quite sad that I don't use my DSLR quite often and I just put it away. I guess I should take up some time to use it again. 

Au revoir,


  1. will be always one of my favourite yg tuuuna kami alawa tomod tu hahaha...sila lah guna semula dslr mu itu dan gambar kami *hint2* haha

  2. I use to love taking photo with DSLR too..I remember berabis pujuk my lil bro to borrow his DSLR & main katik2 the raw image hehehe but nowadays phone pun canggih sdah and portable kan..meh invest in gopro :)